Cast Nylon

In a variety of industrial applications, cast nylon, an engineered polymer, is used to replace various metals and alloys. Cast nylon polyamides, also known as nylon type-6, are produced in conventional stock shapes such as sheet, rod, and tube. Cast nylon polyamides are extremely crystalline, high-molecular polymers. Using a casting method, semi-finished nylon type 6 shapes are made by having the raw ingredient caprolactam undergo a controlled chemical reaction.

The basic characteristics of type-6 nylon can be deliberately altered for specific applications by adding additives like oil, solid lubricants, or thermal stabilizers, creating a custom-tailored range of materials to address a broad range of application requirements. Even more crystallinity and improved machinability can be seen in cast nylon compared to extruded nylon.

Typical applications of cast nylon

Cast nylon is used in numerous industries and it is probably used also in your industry aswell. Let's take a look what are typical cast nylon usages.  A crucial part of our local infrastructure is the requirement for sustainable wastewater management and recycling systems. For this reason, cast nylon's superior wear and abrasion resistance, as well as its strong resistance to corrosion, make it a perfect choice for parts like outrigger pads, scrapers, stoppers, boom pads, levers, and skate rollers.

Due to its exceptional resistance to abrasion and wear, cast nylon is ideal for agricultural equipment parts. For parts on heavily utilized machinery that could be subjected to adverse weather and circumstances, agricultural equipment needs a dependable material.

A crucial need for any part or component utilized in this business is chemical resistance. Cast nylon plastics are excellent for many applications in this field, including wear plates, sprockets, rollers, washers, winches, ROV components, friction reducers, and other custom components. They also have great corrosion and chemical resistance.

Construction is a big enterprise, and there are many large and small pieces of equipment that need solid parts to keep them operating and keep the employees safe. Due to its strong tensile and compressive strengths, cast nylon is frequently used in sheaves and pulleys, spacers, pipe clamps, gears, levers, skate rollers, outrigger pads, and even custom components.

Around the world, many trains, aircraft, and trucks are utilized to ship products and move cargo. Efficiency is essential, especially if you promise 24-hour delivery. Greater productivity in this quick-paced business is possible because to some Nylatech cast nylon plastic's self-lubricating qualities and reduced coefficient of friction.

Cast nylon has exceptional resistance to wear and abrasion, which is crucial for operations that take place in or near water where the weather conditions and physical demands are harsh. This characteristic of cast nylon is what makes it so popular in maritime applications.

Although sawmills are processing wood more quickly than ever, this increased pace is also causing more of the machines to break down. Cast nylon plastic is used to make pieces like chain beds and liners because of its self-lubricating qualities, which reduce chain wear and decrease chain breakage.